Web Design
I create websites that look the same across all the major internet browsers, user friendly, and are easier to update. In web speak, I offer cross browser compliant sites that are CSS/XHTML valid. What does this mean for you? Starting with wire frame layouts, then moving on to the design comps, I work closely with my clients to ensure they get a GUI (Graphic User Interface) they are more than satisfied with along with the functionality they are looking for.

Interactive Design
Having worked with flash for over six years, I know how flash has grown since I first started using the program. I can now offer everything from a full flash website to simple flash integration; XML driven content for easy updates; slide shows that display videos and photos; and flash headers.

Website Updates
Need updates to your current website? Thinking about a full website redesign? You’ve come to the right place. The first thing I’ll do is check out your site and talk to you about your options for updates.

Web Consulting
Every web design should be approached with a unique theme in mind; one that fits the visitors needs and helps them get the content they are looking for as fast as possible. Need a web design or redesign estimate? I can check out your site and give you some tips on how to better serve your visitors.

Video Compression
Do you have videos that need to be converted to flash video for online access? Working with video compression software, I’ve come up with a process of the best video compression techniques for delivering video online. I can even set up shared, dedicated, or streaming hosting for your videos with tracking and statistics.

Contact me for a quote to increase your web potential and capabilities.